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Tea is among the world’s oldest and most valued beverages. It is today’s most well known beverage in the world, next to water.

The word ‘‘tea’’ was derived from ancient Chinese dialects. Such words as ‘Tchai”, “Cha” and “Tay” were used to describe the leaf as well as the beverage.

Today, more than 25 countries cultivate tea as a plantation and there are more than 1,500 types of teas to choose from.

Our carefully selected assortment includes:

Green Tea - Gunpowder
An intense taste and aroma of green tea with a "smoky" aftertaste.

Green Tea - Lemonothimaro
Green tea with lemonothimaro herb aroma.
Green Tea - Jasmine
Green tea with flavoured jasmine blossoms and fresh bouquet. 
Green Tea - Peach & Mango
Flavoured green tea with mango and peach extracts.
Green Tea - Sencha Rose
Top quality sencha green tea with rose blossoms and petals.

Green Tea - Pomegranate

Smooth and sweet taste with dried pomegranate flowers. Can be served either hot or cold.

Green Tea - Cranberry & Apple
Flavoured green tea with cranberry and apple extracts.
Black Tea - Christmas
An intense scent of cinnamon and carnation mixed with orange dried peel.
White Tea - Louiza, Hibiscus & Rose
Smooth and authentic flavour with low intensity.

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